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Second Grade
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​These pictures are some of the graphs that our 2nd graders have created. They were required to create a bar graph or pictograph. Then they had to use the information gathered and develop questions that they could ask their peers. Somethings that were required were Titles, Labels, Keys,3 Comparative Statements about their data, a Tally Chart and 3 Questions for their classmates that they can answer from their data on the graph. 

Parent's Corner

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​Mrs. Karalias would greatly appreciate donations of empty egg cartons and newspapers for the Art room. These items are re-purposed as paint trays and table covers. Thank you! 

It is true that students are more motivated to read when they have opportunities to make choices about what they read. A book trailer will get them excited and enticed to make a choice! Introduce several books by reading snippets or the back cover and raising "I Wonder" questions. Before you know it, that reluctant reader will race to read one!
Children in the early grades (particularly K–2) should participate in rich, structured conversations with an adult in response to the written texts that are read aloud, orally comparing and contrasting, as well as analyzing and synthesizing.

Academic Vocabulary Words:


High Frequency Words

Second graders are expected to read and spell grade-appropriate high-frequency words. Please open the attachment below for a list of 2nd grade words. Practice reading and writing the words in meaningful sentences and illustrations. Keep this list handy and have your child refer to it when reading or writing. Please avoid drills with flash cards.
ELA-Second Grade HF Word List 5-16-12.pdf
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Math Talk at Home...

"How many squares are shaded?  How did you know?"

Flash one card briefly and have him tell you the number that is represented. Ask him to explain how he saw the number (for example, there are 4 rows of 10. Then I saw 5 and 3 more, so that's 8. It's 48 all together.).  Begin with easier numbers—multiples of 5 and 10. Gradually move to more complicated numbers.

Fluency with addition and subtraction is a 2nd grade priority!

Consider giving your child the opportunity to practice fact fluency each night with XtraMath. It's free!

2nd Grade BLOGGING!

We blog with classrooms around the world!

Literacy Links...

Story Bird

Typing practice


Math Links...

Coin Box
(Start with "counting" first, then "collect," "exchange," etc.)
Choose the following lessons from AAA:
Place Value
Patterns and Sequence
Comparing and Ordering Numbers
Telling Time