Claude & Stella Parson Elementary School

School Organization Team (S.O.T.)

What is S.O.T.?

S.O.T. stands for the School Organization Team.
School Organizational Teams have a clearly defined role and function in the reorganization of the Clark County School District. The Team's main duty is to assist and advise the school principal in development and implementation of the school plan of operation, consisting of the school performance plan and the strategic budget.

Duties and main functions of the S.O.T.

The School Organizational Team is responsible for:
  • Providing assistance and advice to the principal regarding the development of the school plan of operation.
  • Providing continued assistance and advice to the principal in carrying out the school plan of operation.
  • Assisting in the discussion of any additional authority to be transferred to the school to carry out responsibilities.
  • Assisting with the selection of the next principal when a principal vacancy occurs.

Plan of Operation

School Performance Plan

  • Use data sources to identify trends.
  • Prioritize needs and identify root cause(s).
  • Write goals that are clear, detailed, and attainable; explain expected performance outcomes.
  • Develop action steps and a monitoring plan

Strategic Budget

  • ​Identify funding sources available
  • Analyze school data to identify potential focus areas for effective spending.
  • Align budget and other resources to meet school needs and attain goals.
  • Maximize funds to achieve goals outline in the school performance plan

​​Title I Budget Allocation for the 2017-2018 School Year

2017-2018 Title I Budget Allocation.pdf
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Next S.O.T. Meeting:

​When: Wednesday, September 13th , 2017 
Where: Parson Library

Next Meeting Time: 4 pm
Elections for the 2017-2018 school year School Organizational Team are coming soon! Nomination forms will be sent home Wednesday 9/6/17.

Elections will be held Wednesday September 20 from 6:30am - 2pm in the Parson Front Office.

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

First SOT Meeting Agenda.docx
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Second SOT Meeting Agenda.docx
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Third Agenda for SOT.docx
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Fourth SOT Meeting Notes-_2.docx
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Fourth SOT Meeting Agenda 4-5-17.docx
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First SOT Meeting Notes.docx
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2.15.17 SOT Meeting Minutes.docx
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3rd SOT meeting Notes.docx
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SOT Meeting Agenda 8 9-13-17 .pdf
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Fifth SOT Meeting Notes 5-10-2017-Revised.docx
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Fifth SOT Meeting Agenda 5-10-2017.docx
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SOT Meeting Agenda _6 6-7-2017 .docx
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7th SOT Meeting Agenda Notes 5-10-2017.docx
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​Parson's S.O.T. Members
Teacher - Corey Schrodi
Teacher - Casey Korder
Support Staff - Jessica Waites
Parent - Laura Vega
Parent - Shannon Barton
Parent - Stacey Hardin 
Principal - Chris Prosen

Team Member Email 

Additional Responsibilities of the School Organizational Team

The School Organizational Team is additionally responsible for:
  • Voting to support the school plan of operation.
  • Supporting the principal when the school plan of operation is presented to the community.
  • Functioning as a collaborative team that will foster student achievement.
  • Participating actively in School Organizational Team meetings to help inform principal's decision-making.
  • Aiding the principal in sharing progress and results of the implementation of the plan of operation with the community.
Although principals may periodically seek the Team's input on other matters, the principal retains responsibility and accountability for school decisions.

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