Claude & Stella Parson Elementary School

Principal - Ms. Christine Prosen

The school code in Illinois legislates that 51% of a principal's time be spent in the role of educational leader.  I was always amazed that a percentage could be assigned and a law passed when this all-consuming profession is more than a job... it defines what we are 100% of the time.

When I reflect and try to articulate how I perceive what it is we do and are responsible for, I have vision.  To me, vision is not what I see with my eyes but what I believe in my heart is possible.  My vision reflects my passion for my profession and the community I serve.  It is the ultimate of what can happen.

I envision school as a creative, dynamic learning environment.  I see learners as teachers and teachers as learners. I see the written and spoken word cherished and celebrated.  I see students as practicing scientists and mathematicians.  I see technology as something we advance, not use.  I see inventors and innovators.  I see artists and musicians enriching our lives with their talents.  I see the school family as active, proud, patriotic citizens who love their country and respect mankind.  I see problems as opportunities for learning.  I see educators creating an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Assistant Principal - Ms. Palmer Jackson

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Office Manager- Mary Ottinger
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Office Clerk- Jessica Waites

FASA - Ms. Linda Griffith

Nurse - Ms. Jeanene Fernandez

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​                 Ms. Belikov                                           Ms. Black                                          Mr. Boggess                                   Ms. Bonnets
                Library Aide                                       Kitchen Staff                                          Custodian                                            SPTA

​                 Ms. Colon                                            Mr. Ferguson                                    Ms. Goodell                                   Ms. Knudsen
                      SPTA                                              Computer Tech                                         SPTA                                           Kitchen Staff

​                 Mr. Korder                                           Ms. Korder                                         Ms. Mack                                             Mr. Ricks
              RB3 Strategist                         3-5 Reading Specialist                                Kitchen Staff                                       Kitchen Staff


               Mr. Sanchez                                       Ms. Smith                                           Ms. Vázquez                       
               Kitchen Staff                                           SPTA                                                      SPTA                  


Not Pictured

Ms. Hendricks - SPTA
​Ms. Thomas - Social Worker
Ms. Edwards - GATE
Ms. Richardson - Counselor
Ms. Roseland - Psychologist